What Are Octane Boosters Made of?

Octane boosters are mainly used for the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Octane booster increases the power and burn fuel efficiently of old cars like muscle cars of the 1970's or 1980's. Ordinary fuels like petrol or diesel burns too quickly due to the fast knocking of engine where as octane booster increases the efficiency and slows the fuel burning process.Octane booster is comprised of many components mainly it is made up of more than hundred hydrocarbons; with six main hydrocarbons. Most of the octane boosters are mostly kerosene, Methyl cyclopenta-dienyl, Manganese tri-carbonyl and petroleum distillates.
Toulene is a type of octane booster that contains 10% of Octane. Xylene is another type of octane booster that contains 10% of 94.5 percent Octane 20% of 97.0 percent Octane and 30% of 99.5 percent Octane. (MTBE) is a very powerful type of octane booster that contains 10% of 94.6 percent Octane, 20% of 97.2 percent Octane and 30% of 99.8 percent Octane. Oxygenate is another very common and important component of the octane booster necessary for its manufacturing. The oxygenate has lower BTU content than toulene or xylene and is far better in burning of the fuel. Isopropyl Alcohol and Tertiary Butyl Alcohol is a low quality octane booster if used in a car can damage the engine of the car.
The basic formula of one of the popular octane booster product is following: To make eight 16 ounce bottles (128 oz = 1 gal): 100 oz of toulene for octane boost, 25 oz of mineral spirits (cleaning agent) and 3 oz of transmission fluid (lubricating agent) is required for the manufacturing of the octane booster and even colors can be added to the octane booster.Octane boosters are very complex products, their making requires use of many hydrocarbons as mentioned above nearly hundred hydrocarbons but only six are the main components of the octane booster required for its manufacturing and these six main hydrocarbons are in large amount present in the octane booster but other ninety four hydrocarbon components are present in very small amount and does not affect the efficiency or performance of the octane booster used in cars for racing purposes.
Octane boosters have few rare components in them these are some complex components that are rarely found in any other product. Octane boosters even contain small amounts of methanol and ethanol those are not as important for the octane booster but in some cases plays an important role in the manufacturing of the octane booster in many cases.Different octane boosters produced by different companies have different components of hydrocarbons with different quantities as per the requirement of different cars and their engines need.
Well now you know all about the octane booster, you can get the best surely.